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cs seamless pipe,spiral steel pipe,octg tubing

Industry News

Sharing China-Made with Global Customers

Performance characteristics of pipe insulation,steel pipe elbow,mild steel pipe elbow,steel pipe manufacturers
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Performance characteristics of pipe insulation

Date:2022-03-22View:447Tags:cs seamless pipe,spiral steel pipe,octg tubing

Drilling for oil is a difficult thing in winter, the temperature is too low, ordinary steel pipe to transport trouble, so the general use of anti-corrosion pipe insulation, pipe insulation is a kind of corrosion resistance of steel, and has a good insulation performance, construction has been widely used and promoted, and constantly improve and popularize. Corrosion pipe insulation with different types of processing methods and different processing methods to determine the pipe have different properties and functions, and the use range also changes. Corrosion pipe insulation performance characteristics:

1, waterproof.

2, high temperature high pressure for medium temperature 350 ℃, pressure 2.5Mpa.

3, low heat loss, insulation effect is better than any kind of traditional insulation method.

4, corrosion resistance, high coating strength, not destroy.

5, long life, up to 30 - 50 year life.

Steel jacket steam pipe insulation one is a combination of the transmission medium pipe, anti-corrosion steel and filled with fine glass wool between the steel pipe and the jacket pipe may also be used graphite, silicon calcium tile shell filled with polyurethane foam and recombination a steel casing (steel jacket) embedded technology is a new technology embedded waterproof, leakproof, impermeability, compression and fully enclosed, is a major breakthrough buried technology used in high water table areas .

The primary issue of the protection pipe buried pipe is tight waterproof reliability, in addition to have good mechanical strength, high strength steel casing due to the use of welded connections, waterproof sealing performance reliability is very high. In addition, its high temperature performance is other outer protective tube can not be compared.